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If I was going to build another AR-15, I’d buy another one. There’s a good reason for that. Durability and dead-on accuracy have made Troy Industries Folding BattleSights the hands-down choice of Special Ops and tactical users worldwide. The front sight is adjusted like any AR front sight post, by screwing it in or out with a front sight tool, or in a pinch, the tip of a bullet. I like it. Other than that, they are good to go. These HK style front and rear sights are no different. Obviously the additional function is nice, especially when it doesn’t make the sight physically any larger. American Tactical Flip Up Combo. The process also case hardens the metal, meaning the exterior is very tough and scratch resistant. Close. They’re just under 1.5” long and weigh even less than normal BUIS so they’re perfect for a “just in case” set of BUIS. Anyone who’s looked into back up iron sights will hear people – usually lots of them – recommend the Troy Battle Sights. Forum; FAQ; Forum Actions. Tritium is a form of hydrogen that emits a continuous light source when batteries or electricity are not available. In fact, I don’t know of any lighter all-metal back up iron sights. Normally, I’m not a fan of sights that lock because it’s a little easier to break them. He graduated from Penn State University in 2012 with a BS in Information Sciences and Technology. Product description Troy Rear Tritium Folding Sights TRITIUM is a form of hydrogen that emits a continuous light source where using batteries or electricity is not possible. $144.00 Troy Front and Rear Folding Battle Sight with Tritium Inserts Combo. I figured I would share a few if anyone else has been debating purchasing them, as well as a few of my first impressions. $179.99 . View Details. There are 3 different openings on the rear sight. The first thing about these iron sights, sitting like the 800 pound gorilla in the room, is the price. At only 3/8″ thick when folded, they lay very flat on the rail. However, you CANNOT mount them directly on the gas block of a rifle because the gas block gets hot. In my mind that’s an incredible accomplishment. They have a very clever adjustment mechanism. There aren’t a whole lot of AR-15 Back Up Iron Sights in this article, but that’s because I wanted to list only the very best. At MSRP, the tritium models come in at $144 for the front, and $164 for the rear, which can make any buyer cringe. AR15 Upper Half; … They feature a dioptic rear sight and an M4 type front sight. Shopping Cart (0) Total $0. Just looking at them you can see how thick the sights are for strength. If you want a lightweight and low cost sight that can still take a beating, these are it. All Troy Sights feature a zero-canting attachment system for use on all military and aftermarket receivers. This is IDEAL and I don’t understand why it isn’t an option on all high-end back up iron sights. $289.00. BUIS - some advice on Troy sights . They have a specialized design that protects the rear aperture and the front sight post from damage. FRBS sights are advanced, low-profile, durable, tritium-enhanced auxiliary... $149.98. Subtotal: Add to Cart. The rear sight is adjusted similarly to an A1 rear sight, by rotating a disc on the side of the sight assembly with a coin in the provided slot, a bullet tip in the small holes ringing the wheel, or with a thumb (and some effort) on the stippled edge of the adjustment wheel. You could apply the same principle to a similar situation in hunting or 3-gun competition. Our selection of iron sight sets includes everything from 45-degree offset MagPul sight sets that make excellent BUIS to Ultradyne AR-15 Flip-Up iron sight sets that feature an easy-to-engage AR-15 Folding front sight. This keeps them folded down when not in use, but allows them to be folded up quickly with a flick of a finger. Of the three heights BattleSights are available in, the Micros are great on high-topped rifles, such as the HK 416, SIG 556, FN SCAR, and others. Out of Stock. Troy BUIS mount like most any Picatinny compatible accessories to any Picatinny rail surface, via a screw-and-claw style clamp. The primary aperture, a large ring marked 0 … All Troy Sights Have LaRue Logo Engraved. Troy Rear Tritium Folding Battle Sight set the world standard for performance and durability. Micro Set - M4 Front and Dioptic Rear -BLK I'm a life-long handgun shooter, but after 15 years of drooling over the cool stuff, I just ordered a BCM 14.5" RECCE keymod ELW rifle. The Meprolight FRBS are tritium-enhanced, self-illuminated front and rear back-up sights designed to provide the shooter secondary sights in case the primary optics go down. Troy rear BUIS's fit under nearly all scopes on the market. If you aren’t completely, 100% satisfied with any purchase you receive from Brownells, for any reason, at any time, return it for a full refund or exchange. Mark Forums Read The second incredible thing is how thin they are. The detent is quite stiff by design, so you won’t accidentally fold them up or down. Performance – The Troy Industries Micro Front and Rear AR Iron Sights are certainly on the higher quality scale, and they’re easily one of the best flip up iron sights for AR-15 rifles. (covered next)  However, some people don’t like polymer on their rifles, so Magpul came out with another version; this time all steel. Just upgraded the electronic sight from an EOTech to the new Aimpoint P.R.O. The Troy BattleSight DOA is a step outside the box that, at the very least, I enjoyed. Add To Compare . The sights flip to a 300-600m setting which has a small aperture, with a small notch above it for extreme ranges. There aren’t any buttons or other actions to make deploying these sights difficult. They don’t lock when folded, so you can simply push them up and they’ll lock automatically. (the different options are for different barrel diameters. You can also get just the front sight, just the rear sight, or just the Long Range rear sight. Choose from a stationary component such as the Daniel Defense Rail Mounted Fixed Sight or an AR-15 folding front sight like the M4 style Troy Folding Battle Sight. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. If Murphy’s law didn’t exist, then Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) wouldn’t be needed. While they aren’t the lightest option, they are built like a tank. To further enhance their durability, a spring loaded detent keeps them in the up or down position. I just got my first ar15 an Alexander Arms in 6.5 Grendel that I will use for self defense and hunting. I prefer the Magpul offset BUIS because I currently use a 1-6 scope. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to jury rig up a sight adjustment tool when sighting a rifle. Instant close quarters sight. Article from These sights are very impressive from a build quality standpoint. They mount easily to any Picatinny rail and are very low profile. A detent or spring loaded sight will just fold instead of bending or breaking. The Magpul MBUS Pro are finished with a melonite surface treatment, which makes them very rust and corrosion resistant. TROY Micro BattleSight Set (40) $199.00 $198.49 Best Rated. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, before i got them I didnt see too much information or pics out there on them. Forums. Posted February 21, 2013 in AR-15, Optics, Reviews, Shooting Accessories by Nathan B with 7 CommentsTags: sights, troy. (The polymer can soften/deform/melt if you shoot too quickly.) If you use a red dot or holographic sight, any of them should work perfectly. We're showing micro (reduced) height sights with Troy's Di-Optic Aperture (DOA) system and tritium inserts here. They should fit under almost anything. They use a redundant locking system which uses both pins and a ratcheting wedge to keep the sights locked in the up position. Mako Group FAB Defense Front and Rear Set of Flip-Up Sights : Polymer $$$ 4.4: 6. Troy Industries Micro BattleSight Set - Di-Optic Aperture Rear / M4 Front - Black . I would like to try 45 deg offset sights but in the picture shown it appears that the front is mounted to a floating rail. For those who aren’t aware, Bobro Engineering makes some of the highest quality gear around. This can be solved by buying the more classic M4 style front sight, which has the classic AR-shaped ears instead of the HK-style globe. If you are looking for high-quality iron sights, either for an irons-only gun, or as back-up irons for a gun with an optic, personally, I would look no further if you have room in your budget for them. Troy Folding Battle Sights – $215 Standard & Tritium & $220 Standard Anyone who’s looked into back up iron sights will hear people – usually lots of them – recommend the Troy Battle Sights. 11 Times The Second Amendment was Attacked and Prevailed, 9mm vs 40 S&W vs 45 ACP & “Stopping Power”, The Best AR-15 Triggers for Any Job and Budget. And, we won’t bog you down in endless paperwork. Troy Industries, a well-known heavy hitter in the world of firearms accessories, has always brought out great products. The Flip Up Combo sight is an all metal front and rear sight set design for use on AR platforms. However, these are built tough enough to not worry. FAB Defense Flip-Up Sights. Straight from the guys that make stuff for the Israeli Defense Forces … If you have room in your budget, I would definitely get them because it’s added function without any down side (except cost). The author of the drop test had this to say on his own personal blog. Just press the button on the side to release them so they can fold. typically .750 is the one you’ll want but I would measure your barrel diameter at the gas port before ordering to make sure). I have Tritium front post and … They are available separately or as a set of front and rear, and they are available in black or FDE. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! The first time I handled them I almost didn’t recognize them because I was expecting something bigger. Built from high quality aluminum and steel, they are very solidly built. Bobro makes these from 6065-T6 Aluminum which is then MIL-8625 type III class 2 hard coat anodized. $239.00 Troy Rear Folding Battle Sight with Tritium Inserts. Tritium insert; Cons. This is one of the best flip-up Sights that is built of rugged steel, and this … It's not much, but it keeps the website going and I would appreciate your support. Arguably the best option for this type  of sight is the Magpul MBUS Pro Offset. First, they only weigh 1.7 ounces for the Pair. Good information on the tritium Troy front BUIS, I was not aware of how it was constructed. Troy Tritium BUIS Review - The two segments are free to rotate, so the tritium vial can be properly oriented to face the shooter once adjusted the proper zero. That's a guarantee I can live with. He has been shooting for most of his life, is a sucker for a good .22 rifle, and shoots competitively in IDPA and local 3-gun matches. Built from high quality aluminum and steel, they are very solidly built.

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