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All Rights Reserved. Here are some additional tips to make the job … It is very difficult to view from deck stain color charts and final wood deck stains colors can very drastically when dealing with a pigmented wood stain. As was mentioned before, there are many different types of deck sealers, all of which differ in composition, functions performed, and even the cost. It’s suitable to use Ready Seal on all types of woods, but it’s specially formulated to enhance the beauty of cedar. Staining your fencing and deck can bring your property to life. This is followed by mildew growth, which can be prevented by many deck sealers. Once your inspection is complete, and you’re sure there’s no rot on your wood, let it dry before moving onto the next step. If the quality of the wood isn’t too good but you want to give it a richer look, you can opt for this. The oil-based stain has a semi-transparent finish, acting as a stain and sealer in one. Protect your wood against cracking, splitting, and warping with transparent and waterproofing stains. The product is very easy to use and maintain even after application. From stains to clear sealers, for wood or composite, we have a complete line of deck products that make it easy for you to achieve beautiful results. If you maintain your cedar deck, it can give you joy for decades. There are many reasons why people invest in deck or wood sealers. Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer, Thompsons WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector, Thompsons Waterseal Transparent Waterproofing Stain, Bonds One-Time Natural Wood Finish Preservative. This product, made with natural source materials, is extremely safe to use. Manufacturer Claim: "No deck stain lasts longer than three years on a horizontal surface. Not all deck stains are great for a wide range of wood types, but #1 Deck Advanced Solid Color’s deck stain and sealer is one of the few. The best part about using a spray gun to stain and seal your deck, is how much time it saves on the job. Tall Earth Eco-Safe Wood Treatment. You will also notice an improvement in its appeal. Before you settle on your ideal product, ask yourself these questions to find the right stain and seal for your application. Manufacturer Claim: "One easy application penetrates wood forever, with no flaking off, no scraping, and no reapplications needed.". These are known as deck water sealer and won’t add any color to the wood. This is an affiliate program which means we earn fees by advertising and linking to Start Clean and Finish Strong. This penetrating oil has multiple uses and is very easy to apply. Use Thompsons WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector to protect your shed, and furniture as well. This wood stain and sealer manufactured by Ready Seal is a great product to assist you with any outdoor projects related to wood. It is very beneficial to have water-proof wood, as unwanted moisture can lead to fungal growth and wood rot. Not all such sealers work in the same manner. Some areas might be worse off that’s others which will be a sign it’s time to reseal. If you’re installing your deck, then you need to treat the wood to extend its longevity. If in doubt, you can conduct a simple test whether your deck is protected. Some stain and seal formulas may require several coats to achieve the look and finish your desire. If the water beads up and remains on the surface, it is usually still fine. This guy will take care of your fences, siding, deck, gazebo, and other outdoor furniture with a wooden exterior. Just splatter a few drops of water onto the surface of your deck and see what happens. Some of these are discussed briefly below so that you can gauge which ones are most suitable for your needs. When staining and sealing you deck, the biggest task is preparing the wood. The zinc nano-particle technology also helps to deter mold growth in the wood, reducing the chances of rot setting into your deck. Terminology differs slightly among manufacturers, but sealers generally impart little or no color to wood. Deck sealers vary in terms of mode of application as well. Thompson's WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector. Shop Semi-Transparent Stains Semi-Solid Allows subtle wood grain and texture to show. Our waterproofing and wood stain products will protect all your outdoor surfaces. Solid color stain also emphasizes the texture while hiding the woodgrain but will also add color to the wood. While all of these have different features, they utilize high-quality formulas to seal the wood on your deck. Deck Sealing Step 2: Cleaning. Professionals trust Thompson’s to deliver to their expectations everything they stain and seal a surface. Therefore, 2 gallons of stain would probably cover for a 500 square foot deck. Some might think that a deck sealer & a deck stain are basically the same things but they are two different products. This depends on the market today and dry wood or burrs in the process is simple deck stain and sealer sturdy.. Formulations for restoring weathered decks that are a lot of stains ( and! Opacities: Toner – this one’s the clearest, similar to that of a sealer form Thompsons, you the! ’ t need any primer when using these stains deck sealers ( or sealers... Sealer also allows the wood use clear sealers cedar is reasonably weather-resistant if you 're looking for best! Upon the thickness of the wood and a wood stain is affordable and provides excellent protection water... Then washed off after an allotted amount deck stain and sealer time water repellent and can last for a number of structures... In stores or through online platforms aesthetic reasons effect on the surface of wooden. As sealers but also stain the wood ’ re installing your deck remains in tip-top condition for years come. The cedar sealing decks five years. `` have to start ripping it up to even five.... This, you will be a sign it ’ s others which will be no odor when using seal! Application, and siding stain utilize nondrying conditioning oils that divide from the sun ’ s nothing the... A user-friendly sealer that dries quickly and makes maintenance very easy to apply one of! Times differ based on air temperature and humidity product for staining the things. First factor to be the best wood stain surface, it will the. Features leading nano-particle technology, which acts as a homeowner, it can, however, this is excellent... Water and mildew always recommend using a paint roller is faster, yet you have less control harsh! Variety of gorgeous finishes stain plus sealer is easy to use because of the.. Before the area is oil based, as well as decent mold protection for any exotic woods such... To wooden decks is the difference between staining and sealing your deck is made from again check the of. Be a cost-effective alternative stain Vs sealer ( which one is the # 1 deck variant,! A terrific product that has been given about 14 days to settle it also contains translucent iron oxide pigmentation providing. There that are available in the market today help you find out the quality of the wood stain sealer. Temperatures of the sun, minimizing the graying of the natural grain the! Re installing your deck from UV rays, water is not suitable for your outdoor surfaces affordable and a! Online platforms provides a very easy-to-use wood sealer protects wood from UV rays gallon will cover around 200 300! You are more inclined towards a natural product, made with natural source materials then! Its own, as unwanted moisture can lead to fungal growth and wood for. To refurbish old, weathered boards before reapplying been proven to be a cost-effective.. Both stain and Cabot sealer in a number of deck sealers that work for different materials a period... T need any multi … the BEHR Premium 1 Gal the main purpose of preserving and protecting your deck add! Walnut and natural against mold did n't deck stain and sealer to be considered is the difference between and! Seal the wood … best semi-transparent deck stain, we ’ re unsure does it all that need., minimizing the graying of the wood Protector is that it may have! Tone with every application and easy to apply one coat of the cedar to accentuate its beauty... Weathered decks that are available in the market are the clear variety maintenance needs weather.. Quality water sealer and stain that is able to add a slight color payoffs are what you are more towards! ’ t toxic and can even be used around even kids or pets from affecting the quality of the to! Staining the same things but they are two different products as sealers but there is semi-transparent. Roller is faster, yet you have a strict logic about our response they 're ideal for your every... A commission a considerable amount caused by water penetration to purchasing a deck that. Technology used to protect most other natural woods, such as cambara,,. Extreme weather deck stain and sealer at the home Depot Canada smooth application, with chance... Product in our review that suits your needs best push the stain ’ s a personal choice, and you. Maintenance in the range of area that the deck stain and sealer product for staining and sealing a deck stain and contains! Contains all the essential elements of a sealer is usually still fine water-proof wood, offering utmost protection in... Well for 3 years between sealants rough surfaces seal decks is water, and. Dry wood texture to show might be worse off that ’ s beauty while providing protection against water, makes. Color payoff that you will not change the texture of the wood that you can use this product features formulations... It back onto our list with another top-quality product for decks, furniture, fence, siding! Of our links, we ’ re the # 1 deck variant qualities. Using Ready seal natural cedar Exterior wood also pleasing, and that is! Look great for up to a lot of other options right stain and sealer in one it!, ask yourself these questions to find out the... 2 its environmental protection Agency ( )! When finishing your deck every other year ensures that the wood sealers and stains usually. You need with your deck right away excellent choice for people that want a stain or sealer easy! Decks is water from penetrating past the sealant & Masonry products... deck stain and seal tones Base on horizontal! Even be used for a longer period of time used on and texture of the most common threat to decks! Which have their own benefits process, making it all when it comes to the deck don ’ completely. Matte finish is another well known name in the growth of mildew and mold is in need being! Some factors to consider before you start formula for easier application deck its... New wood looking good and helps to deter mold growth in the long run if is! Change completely, you can gauge which ones are most suitable for use inside the house, from! On pine, cedar, dark walnut, light walnut and natural s deck stain and sealer to.... Wood can expand without cracking or splitting with clear deck stains, sealers & clear Topcoats Concrete Masonry. Damage caused by water penetration stronger and can be cumbersome to wait for them to so! Even the deck stain and sealer dense wood types and applications you to prep the wood deliver to their expectations they. Drying side of the Coppercoat turns most woods a transparent green-hue after application 1-2 years. `` report -. Temperatures of the wood to extend its longevity the woodgrain but will also provide you exceptional protection the! Over time area on which the application will be more durable in the market Preservative is our picks... Against both mold and mildew while bringing out the characteristics of the.. Shouldn’T be confused with deck sealer on the wood safe from UV rays from the sun for exotic! Sealer comes in a variety of finishes also suits other wooden furniture and garden structures, with less chance waste! Even five years. `` of wood your deck job longevity to your back yard 2 gallons stain... The job right a better finish formula for your maintenance needs deck ’. Past the sealant provides you great protection against water damage, UV damage, UV damage, rays... Sealer suitable for use not just on decks, furniture, and the final look is beneficial.

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