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That sounds so beautiful! v. Walker, et. I’m a good heathen too , Yay for heathens! As always, you amaze me by figuring this stuff out! Wisconsin allows self-uniting marriages, without asking questions, but a form must be signed that states that the government issuing the marriage license cannot guarantee that the marriage will be recognized in all contexts. Same-sex marriage in Wisconsin. Wisconsin makes allowances for self-uniting marriages to those whose religions use it, but it’s unclear how this plays out in practice. The witnesses do not need to be available in the future. This is so good to know. And their licensing is way cheaper than most of the ones I’ve seen online. A 2007 Federal judge ruling that allows Pennsylvania couples a self-uniting marriage without showing proof of membership with a Quaker or Bahai religion. I love the intimate ones. al., 26 F. Supp. This post may contain affiliate links. Even if it were expensive I imagine the ordination fees could be a wedding gift. This was the answer: “Other states that allow some form of self-uniting marriage are Wisconsin, Colorado, The District of Columbia, California, Maine and Nevada. If someone is seeking a self-uniting license, does that mean you don’t have to write down an “officiant” on the license? I was married by a nondenominational pastor. I don’t have a single photo of the day that is in focus or doesn’t have a finger in the frame. As far as where to sign, I’m going to defer to your county. A banns in Wisconsin is a marriage announcement that is often found in newspapers and can be sentimental to all those people who were involved in the event. Wisconsin Statutes - The Family - Chapter 765: Marriage § 765.16. … If the county does not offer it, you could also fight the policy, but if you’re looking for the easier route just go into Philadelphia county for the license. "Clergy" do not have to register in WI, so it's pretty easy to have almost anyone do a marriage for you. And if so- what’s the worst that could happen right?? Pennsylvania has this unique law that allows individuals to self-unite under Quaker law, called a self-uniting marriage. If you want this type of license, you need to inform the clerk before you begin the application process. Will update the post to include it! There are cases of the marriage being both upheld and annulled, usually in line with what the couple themselves is seeking. Absolutely 100% yes. Thanks for this post. Sounds like that’s not the best news for you, unfortunately. (Or just anyone.) One in which the couple are married without the presence of a third-party officiant. You say you want a self-uniting license. We are not particularly religious people. The website reads as if it’s an extra $90 on top of the $80 fee, but in reality it’s just an extra $10. Self Uniting Marriages-DC, PA, WI, CO | The DC Marriage Knot DC Self Uniting Marriages DC Self Uniting Marriages A self uniting marriage is a marriage officiated by one of the parties to the marriage. Okay, we’re not religious at all. A Wisconsin marriage license costs between $50 and $120, with $75 being the most common figure across counties. My fiancé and I just got our marriage license Monday in Colorado and plan on self solemnizing on Christmas Eve. The ACLU filed lawsuits challenging this view in Allegheny, Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties and prevailed in every instance. Planning a wedding on a budget? I received an online ordination and hope this will be legal. If you wait too long, you can't get married without applying for and paying for another marriage license. There may be local businesses and municipalities that do. So if you want to just write your own vows, you can. However, it appears that some counties (perhaps Delaware County?) Wisconsin allows self-uniting marriages, without asking questions, but a form must be signed that states that the government issuing the marriage license cannot guarantee that the marriage will be recognized in all contexts. Not every county will send back a copy (unless you pay a fee.) One couple’s self-uniting marriage in Pittsburgh, another’s virtual wedding in Harlem, New York, and yet another’s willingness to spend time at a county jail in Raleigh, North Carolina. It took her about a month to hear back, though, before they took her case on. The county clerk may ask the applicants to state their religious affiliation and provide evidence of that affiliation. Yes! Here are some states that offer similar options, or just options that may be better for some more secular couples: If you know of any other pretty cool state marriage laws pertaining to the officiating, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Did you mail your license paperwork in after your wedding or take it to the courthouse? Could you answer a question for me….I just went to get my marriage certificate (self uniting) and we are both so loss on where we suppose to sign on the part you send/take back….could you help. Colorado is one of just a few states, including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, that has legalized the act of self-uniting a marriage without the presence of a … I try to only post about things I think will be helpful to my readers and have experience with, but anything that happens as a result of you using the information provided is your responsibility alone. While looking up some information, I found out Wisconsin allows for self uniting marriages, which is something my fiancé and I are very interested in! We’ve asked the Northern California ACLU, but haven’t yet heard their decision, which typically takes weeks. Just wondering – what is to keep someone from actually getting married in another state, say NJ, and simply filling out that they were married in some PA city? One of the many laws that reflects that is self-uniting marriage. With a Self-Uniting ceremony, you’ll also need a Self-Uniting certificate declaring your intentions to get married. Definitely not constitutional to ask someone their religion and then deny them a government service based on that answer! I know that you, your spouse, and two witnesses will have to sign, but I can’t say for sure where. The limitation of this type of wedding to members of certain religious groups seems patently unconstitutional, and this law appears vulnerable to the same sort of legal challenge as was successfully made by the ACLU to the Pennsylvania law. . I have appealed the decision with PennDot, but have not heard back yet. Colorado allows self-solemnization without requiring a special form of application or witnesses. Wisconsin marriage records include any documents that detail a specific marriage. A good friend of mine from college had another friend of ours get ordained online and he performed the ceremony – yes another way to put a theater degree to use, I guess. An exciting day! A few additional states have expanded the method for unions as well (Colorado, California, Maine and Wisconsin). Critics argue that it is a narcissistic practice which suggests low self-esteem.. An alternative term is self-marriage, but this may also refer to a self-uniting marriage, which is a marriage without an officiant. Organizations and law firms have to make hard choices about which cases are both winnable and important enough to prioritize. Post news and interesting links about the greatest state in the Union! With this option you can even have a family member or friend “officiate” your ceremony if they aren’t ordained. I enjoyed that. She did end up using the ACLU. I hope that helps! My friends are getting married and they want me to offiate their wedding. Be sure to check how many days it is to get it back to them. What matters is that the ceremony itself takes place in PA as they are the state issuing the license.

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